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    Piedmont Stables

    The Piedmont Stables

    The Piedmont Stables are located on Redwood Road just down the hill from Skyline Ranch.

    The Piedmont Stables are a “sister” facility to Skyline Ranch, as both are a part of the East Bay Regional Park system and both are currently managed by Judi Martin (owner/operator of the Skyline Ranch Equestrian Center).

    Piedmont boarding prices are the same as for Skyline Ranch.

    Piedmont Stables Information
    Manager: Judi Martin

    Piedmont Stables Address:
    6525 Redwood Road
    Oakland, CA 94619

    Piedmont Stables Phone: (510) 336-0850

    Skyline Phone (Judi Martin): (510) 336-0850